Minnesota Girls Support Our Troops

A group of young women from central Minnesota, some of them from St. Cloud State, where the SCSU Scholars hold forth, have put together a calendar which is being distributed to American troops around the world, including but not limited to the Middle East:

“Hometown Proud: Central Minnesota 2004” is a calendar featuring pictures of 29 young women from the St. Cloud area. They posed — some sweetly, some more suggestively — in abbreviated T-shirts, swimsuits and, for December, green-and-red holiday wrapping paper.
“It’s to show support for our soldiers,” said Dominic Nelson, the calendar’s promoter, who promises to send one to a Minnesota soldier stationed overseas for every $10 calendar he sells at home.
“Many of the women volunteered because they know people who’ve been sent overseas,” he said.
“We’re college students,” [Sarah Herrick] said. “We can’t afford to do a lot [for the troops], but we can do this.”

I have no doubt that the troops will appreciate the girls’ effort. Miss Herrick is on the left in the photo below: