The Times Does Science

From today’s New York Times Corrections section:

An article on Friday about Consolidated Edison’s repair of electrified service-box lids, manhole covers and lampposts misstated the way shoes protect people from shocks. They insulate; they do not act as a ground. (A grounded object conducts electricity.) A picture caption misstated a finding by The Times at a lamppost in Sunnyside, Queens. The post was conducting an electrical current, not emitting electricity.”

We assume that the Times’ reporters and editors did attend high school, but they seem to have racked up an alarming number of absences, as we have documented astonishing levels of ignorance of such subjects as history, literature, arithmetic and science. We do this not just because we enjoy kicking a liberal when he’s down, but because the entire worldview of the liberal elites is predicated on the assumption that they’re smarter than you are. And they aren’t.
Oh, by the way, you should also keep this scientific ineptitude in mind next time the Times is lecturing you on the irrefutable “science” underlying the global warming theory.


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