Don’t spare one for Dean either

Christopher Hitchens finds that the self-destruction of Howard Dean, “narcissist and windbag,” provides “reason to take heart.” As Hitchens explains, “There are, clear across the country, people who sincerely cannot stand the policies or the personality of the president. When they say ‘ABB’ (Anybody but Bush) they say it as if they really mean it. But there are limits, and Mr. Dean managed to find them in only a few weeks of cocky, half-baked and spendthrift posturing. This is not a time when the United States can afford even to flirt with the idea of an insecure narcissist and vain windbag as president. It’s good to know that many liberals and leftists recognize that fact and act upon it, even when it costs them something.”
But if the polls had been as bad for Bush in early January as they are now, would Dean’s narcissism have caused these liberals and leftists to abandon him?


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