With Friends Like These…

Jane Fonda has leaped to the defense of John Kerry. In an interview with CNN, Fonda discusses the now famous photo of herself and John Kerry at an anti-Vietnam war rally, and offers her own revisionist take on the history of the early 1970’s:

Fonda defended Kerry during an interview Wednesday on CNN. “Any attempts to link Kerry to me and to make him look bad with that connection is completely false,” Fonda said. “We were at a rally for veterans at the same time. I spoke. Donald Sutherland spoke. John Kerry spoke at the end. I don’t even think we shook hands.
“And they’re also saying this organization, Vietnam Veterans Against the War, was a Communist organization. This was an organization of men who risked their lives in Vietnam, who consider themselves totally patriotic. And anyone who slams that organization and slams Kerry for being a part of it is doing an injustice to veterans.
“How can you impugn, how can you even suggest that a Vietnam veteran like Kerry, or any of them, are not patriotic? He was a hero there,” she added.
Later, in an interview on CNN’s “Paula Zahn Now,” Fonda blamed “a narrow, extremely conservative, right-wing segment” for circulating the photo and linking Kerry with her. “I don’t think it flies with most Americans and I think we are going to see that I’m right there.”

Fonda apparently views heroism in the Vietnam war in a very different light now, compared to 1970. But calling the virulent, anti-American rally at which she and Kerry spoke “a rally for veterans” is simply bizarre. Is it possible that this kind of revisionism will fly? Not, I assume, with anyone old enough to remember.
Here is the photo, for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet:
DEACON adds: Jane looks pretty good, but she’s no Natalie Wood.


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