Bush Bounces Back; Kerry Scandal Rumored

The latest batch of polls, collected as always by Real Clear Politics, show President Bush’s approval rating rebounding from its recent lows. In polling done during the first week of February, his approval rating ranges from 56% (Penn-Annenberg) to 47% (Ipsos). But almost all the polls show his approval rating rising.
Gallup currently has the President at 52%; equally important, he is dead even in a trial heat with John Kerry, after being down seven points just a week ago.
I assume that this improvement is due to the first shock of the “missing WMDs” wearing off. If so, it’s good news, suggesting that at least some of the damage from the David Kay fiasco may not be permanent.
Of course, all of this may be about to change, if Matt Drudge is right. As Deacon has just noted, Drudge reports that news organizations are scrambling to pin down a scandal involving John Kerry and a woman whom he allegedly has sent out of the country. Drudge quotes Wes Clark telling reporters that “Kerry will implode” over the scandal.
Of course, talk of an “implosion” assumes that Democratic primary voters will view news of a sex scandal negatively. This is far from obvious. But it would be a remarkable turn of events if another bizarre twist in the campaign forced the Democrats to turn to John Edwards, considered by many to be their strongest candidate.


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