The Insanity Continues

We’ve seen a lot of dumb political controversies in recent years, but the tempest over President Bush’s National Guard service takes the prize as the most ridiculous, much ado about nothing story of modern times. As an indication that insanity now reigns supreme, consider this Yahoo News headline on an AP story: “Air Guard Dentist Doesn’t Recall Bush”.
The Associated Press reports that a dentist who treated President Bush at an Alabama National Guard base in 1973, and whose signature appears on Bush’s National Guard dental records, showing that Bush was indeed on the Alabama base in 1973, “said he doesn’t remember Bush.” What a shock! Thirty years later, after seeing, by his estimate, 60 Air National Guard members in two days, the dentist can’t recall George W. Bush! “He was just another pilot,” the dentist says.
Sheer madness.


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