No Sex, Please, We’re In Minnesota

Students in a small town in Minnesota have been disciplined for wearing T-shirts to school that say “Climax: More Than Just A Feeling.” As many as twelve students–in a town of 270–wore the T-shirt on the same day. The school’s superintendent banned the shirts on the ground that “the slogan’s sexual innuendo made it inappropriate for students to wear.”
Nothing surprising there. What makes the story unique is that Climax is the name of the town. It was named, apparently, after a brand of chewing tobacco, which represents an exacta of political incorrectness.
And the slogan on the T-shirt–“Climax: More than just a feeling”–is the official motto of the town, adopted following a contest in 1996. Maybe because it was the least objectionable entry; other suggestions included “No End to Climax,” “Cling to the Culmination: Climax Forever” and “Bring a Friend to Climax.”
Who said Minnesotans have no sense of humor?
UPDATE: One more thing: tomorrow’s weather forecast for Climax calls for a high of five degrees, and a low of thirteen below. And these kids are wearing T-shirts to school? Minnesotans: we may be boring, but you have to admit we’re hardy.


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