From the band of brothers

We continue to receive messages regarding John Kerry from former military officers who have earned the right to be heard on the subject of Kerry’s service and antiwar activities. Today’s message comes from Army Chief Warrant Officer (CW-3) George John Samek, Jr. (ret.):

As a retired US Army Chief Warrant Officer who served two tours of duty in Vietnam, I find it hard to belive Lt. Kerry was not aware of his responsibility under the UCMJ to make an on-the-spot report to his commander about the possibility he witnessed a war crime committed by US troops. Shame on you, Kerry, even a shiny new butter bar is aware of this responsibility, which you forgot was a part of your duty under the UCMJ. You waited until you had a spotlight back home to share this knowledge with our political leaders.
Why don’t you step out of your ivory tower and drive out to Arlington National Cemetery and inform all the Vietnam vets who share with the nation a sense of “Duty, Honor and Country,” any of which is better suited to lead our nation in this present time of danger, that you feel they are a part of the “Baby Killers” who served our nation? I for one say hats off to Presedent Bush and thank you for your service. I ask, if Kerry was in the White House would you and your family sleep better tonight?


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