No Hard News Today

So let’s resort to a little tabloid sleaze. If you’ve been wondering what John Kerry’s alleged paramour, Alex Polier, looks like, wonder no more. Here she is, courtesy of the Sun:
The Sun adds some further information that I haven’t seen reported anywhere else: Miss Polier is currrently in Africa with her fiance, Yaron Schwartzman, and she “refused to comment” to the Sun.
I obviously have no particular insight into this story, but isn’t Miss Polier’s refusal to comment significant, especially when coupled with her father’s characterization of Kerry as a “sleazeball”? If your name was randomly, groundlessly and wrongly linked with that of your party’s Presidential front-runner (Polier, like Monica Lewinsky, is a loyal Democrat), wouldn’t you quickly put the rumors to rest with an unqualified denial? Of course you would. Common sense suggests that there is something to the rumors. But American reporters are studiously averting their eyes, lest they stumble over a story.
And it could be a very important story, prurient interest aside. John Kerry is counting on two major sources of funding for his campaign: multi-billionaire George Soros, and his wife’s inherited fortune. Anything that has the potential to tighten Teresa Kerry’s pursestrings has immense implications for the coming campaign.


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