Speaking of Radio Shows

I missed the Trunk on the radio today, as I didn’t see his post until the show was already over. But beginning March 6, anyone in the Twin Cities area who wants to listen to the Trunk and me on the radio–possibly, I know, a rather small group–will be able to do so regularly.
1280 AM the Patriot, our favorite radio station and the home of Hugh Hewitt, Michael Medved, Laura Ingraham and other excellent radio hosts, is trying to expand its local programming. Toward that end, they have signed up the Northern Alliance to do a weekly show from 12 to 3 on Saturdays.
We’ll see how it goes. We’ll have a rotating cast, depending on who is available on a given Saturday. Mitch Berg of Shot In the Dark is our only radio pro, so he’ll be more or less full-time, at least until some of the rest of us become more accomplished radio hosts.
Whether the show will be any good, I have no idea. We’ll be talking about the hot news items of the week, and we’ll have a solidly conservative perspective. (In some cases, “solidly conservative” is probably an understatement.) Some of the guys are very funny in person; we’ll see whether that comes through over the radio. If things get slow we’ll get Deacon on a phone hookup and talk soccer.
For now, at least, there is no internet stream, so the show will only be available in the Twin Cities. (Actually, given the Patriot’s signal strength, it will be available within about seven miles of Eagan.) But I understand the station is working on an internet hookup. Anyway, if you’re in this area, tune us in starting March 6. And feel free to call. Radio can get lonely when the phone lines aren’t lighting up.


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