Terrorists for Kerry, Part II

Joshua Sharf of View From A Height wrote to defend John Kerry, sort of:

If you read the email again, it sounds like an appeal to Democrats Abroad, or whatever the official designation is for, well, Democrats living abroad. They get their own set of delegates, and of course have to be appealed to during the general election. Basically, it sounds as though the pitch is, “Bush’s reckless foreign policy has made life harder for you Americans living
overseas, and I’m going to set things straight.”
Somehow, and it’s really anyone’s guess, an Iranian newspaper managed to get its email address onto whatever list the Kerry campaign was using. I suppose it’s possible he was trying to signal something to the Iranian governement, but probably nothing they couldn’t figure out from reading the papers.

The email is, clearly, an appeal to Democrats living abroad. But I don’t think the Mehr News Agency carried out some kind of undercover coup to get onto Kerry’s mailing list, and since email addresses at Mehr end with @mehrnews.com, it shouldn’t have been hard for the Kerry campaign to figure out that their pledge to scale back the war on terror would end up in the Tehran Times.
But that isn’t the main point. The main point (with which I’m sure Joshua agrees) is that the candidate whose views on the war are approved of by the Iranian mullahs, as reflected in the Tehran Times, is not the candidate of those Americans who are serious about defeating Islamofascist terrorism.


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