Speaking of Presidents’ Day

My youngest brother, the Rocket Prof, was interviewed for a radio show on George Washington which will air tonight. The show, titled “Farmer, Soldier, Statesman,” was produced by a radio station in Utah, KBYU-FM, and will air tonight at 10:00 p.m. Central time. (That’s 8:00 for our west coast readers, and 11:00 Eastern time.)
The show will be streamed over the internet, here. Click on the button on the left-hand side that says “Listen On Your Computer.”
From the description on the station’s website, it doesn’t sound like this will be one of those tedious revisionist pieces:

George Washington had incredible character. He knew the importance of solid principles like honesty, loyalty, and humility. Join us for “Farmer, Soldier, Statesman: The Life of George Washington,” and come to understand what made this man great.



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