Krugman Turns to Comedy

Al Franken has put together a “comedy” tour called Rolling Thunder which is about to start touring cities on the East Coast. Rolling Thunder is described as “a combination of political satire, political commentary, music and comedy that trashes the Bush administration on everything from foreign to domestic policy.”
Joining Franken on the tour will be Kevin Phillips and former economist Paul Krugman.
Now, we knew that economics didn’t pan out for Krugman, and punditry hasn’t being going so well for him lately either. But comedy? Krugman would appear to be one of the least funny people around, and I very much doubt that he can sing and dance. So I can only assume that he is the straight man. But can anyone imagine a less appealing way to spend an evening?
A READER DEMURS: Todd Bradshaw writes: “Krugman not funny? Have you read his column?”


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