Return of the Naked Protest

During the run-up to the Iraq war, we felt it was our duty to cover the rash of nude protests that broke out world-wide. Likewise when PETA and English fox hunters joined the nude protest craze, on opposite sides. Then, for a while, things died down.
But the nude protest, for better or worse, is back with a vengeance. In Berlin, students stripped to protest cuts in university funding. (I assume that in Germany, as here, a “cut” is a smaller-than-desired increase.) These protesters are to be commended for turning out in sub-freezing weather; on the other hand, most of them appear to be men, which sort of ruins the whole point.
Also, someone needs to talk to these guys about the black-shoes-and-socks-while-otherwise-nude look.
Then, of course, we have PETA. While I can’t approve of them, it’s hard not to admire their marketing savvy. They certainly know how to attract a crowd of photographers, as at this Valentine’s Day protest in front of the Louis Vuitton shop in Paris. (I don’t get the connection between Valentine’s Day and leather, either.)
A more revealing photo of the same protest, shot by one of the photographers in front of the PETA group, appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald.
BIG TRUNK asks: Did I prematurely make my selection for the winner in the category of “today’s good news”?


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