Face to Face

Last night I taped a television show called Face to Face for broadcast Sunday morning (or maybe the following Sunday, they sometimes move shows around in response to events). This is a local show, produced by our friend Roger Conant, which appears on Channel 2, the public TV station in the Twin Cities, at 10:30 on Sunday morning.
There are two permanent hosts, one liberal and one conservative, and two guests, also one liberal and one conservative. Buck Humphrey, who is involved in the Kerry campaign in Minnesota, was the liberal guest last night. Our topic was the credibility of politicians. The focus was mostly on President Bush, but I got in a few shots at Kerry also.
I think the show will be pretty good, although, in these half-hour formats, there’s a limit to how much you can do. I tried to work in two or three facts that many people don’t know–like the cyanide block found in the al Qaeda safe house in Baghdad, and President Bush’s 1972 Air National Guard evaluation. If you’re in the Twin Cities, and aren’t in church at 10:30 on Sunday, it’s probably worth checking out.


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