Socialist Realism

In my post below about the victimization of Max Cleland and Michael Dukakis, I neglected to mention a third alleged Republican campaign atrocity, this one committed by Jesse Helms. In one of his cmpaigns against a black Democrat who supported racial preferences, Helms ran an ad that showed a white man receiving notification that he had rejected for a job by an employer who used racial preferences. The Democrats howled about this allegedly racist ad for years. But, in fact, the ad is perhaps the most honest portrayal of racial preferences ever to reach a mass audience. If one supports such preferences, then one supports precisely the receipt of rejection notices that would not have been issued but for the race of the recipient.
Again, there is a real world out there, and in that world the actions supported by liberals often result in serious detriment to real people. But somehow it is unfair to portray this. For Democrats, apparently, the only realism that’s acceptable in campaign ads is Socialist Realism.


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