Inside a conservative teach-in

Today’s FrontPage has republished my Power Line account of Saturday’s teach-in at the Nobel Peace Prize Forum hosted by St. Olaf College as “Inside a conservative teach-in.” My account refers to Rocket Man’s discussion of the event and the accompanying photographs that we posted in “Peace through strength.” Kevin Duchschere’s story on the controversy at St. Olaf over the doctrinaire nature of this year’s Nobel Peace Prize Forum is republished in our post “Meditating on Winston Churchill.”

While I was working on the research for my talk at St. Olaf, Lord Hutton released the findings in his investigation of matters related to the death of Dr. David Kelly. Lord Hutton found the BBC’s conduct to be reprehensible. Having just reread accounts of Churchill’s disgust with the BBC during the 1930’s, I discussed the Churchillian echoes of the Hutton Inquiry in “The disgrace of the BBC.”


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