The best we’ve got

Ralph Peters has a terriffic New York Post column paying tribute to our serving military and their accomplishments to date in Iraq: “The best we’ve got.”
Wouldn’t want our man in Afghanistan to miss this:

The American soldier is a historical anomaly – not a grasping conqueror, but a man or woman of courage and good heart who wishes only to do what must be done, and then go home. Our troops are inspiring in ways that no campaign speech or campus rally will ever rival. They live the virtues – courage, patriotism, love of freedom, self-sacrifice, honor – of which their critics are embarrassed to speak.
They have a wicked sense of humor. They’re exuberantly politically incorrect. They’re part of the most thoroughly integrated, representative American institution – our military. And when the American people and our leaders stand behind them, they can do any job on earth. Defying countless predictions of disaster, our soldiers have accomplished more in Iraq than we had any right to expect. And they did it not because of some brilliant master plan – there was none – but because they took a look at the bloody mess they inherited, rolled up their sleeves and went to work to fix it. They’re the best we’ve got.


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