The tie that binds

The Washington Times has a good article on the internal contradictions of John Kerry’s asserted positions against gay marriage, against the Defense of Marriage Act, and against a constitutional amendment defining marriage as a union between man and woman: “Kerry expects to walk a fine line on gay marriage.” The Boston Globe story emphasizes Kerry’s support of an amendment to the Massachusetts constitution banning gay marriage: “Kerry backs state ban on gay marriage.” The Globe reports:

In his most explicit remarks on the subject yet, Kerry told the Globe that he would support a proposed amendment to the state Constitution that would prohibit gay marrriage so long as, while outlawing gay marriage, it also ensured that same-sex couples have access to all legal rights that married couples receive.
“If the Massachusetts Legislature crafts an appropriate amendment that provides for partnership and civil unions, then I would support it, and it would advance the goal of equal protection,” the senator said yesterday, stressing that he was referring only to the state, and not the federal, Constitution. He has said he would oppose any amendment that did not include a provision for civil unions. “I think that you need to have civil union. That’s my position,” he said Tuesday.

The rest of the story reports on the local political reaction to Kerry’s attempt to square the circle on the issue of gay marriage.
The Globe also carries a hilarious account of Senator John Edwards trying unsuccessfully to address the issue before an audience in Claremont, California: “Gay marriage issue trips up senator.”


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