The Manchurian candidate?

The Washington Post carries a story based on the new book by former Air Force Secretary Thomas Reed, describing some of the audacious efforts President Reagan authorized to sabotage the economy of the Soviet Union: “Reagan approved plan to sabotage Soviets.” On the other hand, National Review Online yesterday posted Ion Mihai Pacepa’s account of one set of KGB “active measures” to sabotage American foreign policy that is relevant to the current presidential campaign: “Kerry’s Soviet rhetoric.”
The New York Times reports on last night’s debate among the Democratic candidates in a way that makes it sound to me like John Kerry is leading with his chin: “Kerry and Edwards clash over who can beat Bush.” On a related note, Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney has taken note of what Marxists might call “the internal contradictions” of Kerry’s position on gay marriage: “Romney calls Kerry stance on gay marriage confusing.”


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