The Radicalism of John Kerry, a Free Republic project, is dedicated to defending Vietnam-era soldiers and exposing John Kerry’s anti-American past. It’s worth a look. Winter Soldier has somehow come up with some very interesting documents, which the site links to. Here is one that I found especially interesting, minutes of a meeting of the Executive Committee of Vietnam Veterans Against the War that Kerry attended as “NE Rep.” For those of us who were active in the antiwar movement, it’s a blast from the past.
Among other things, the minutes indicate that Kerry’s hostility toward the National Guard is not of recent vintage: “National Guard Association: It was decided that VVAW would send a letter to Mayor Lindsay demanding he not welcome the NGA, it was further decided that VVAW will maintain a picket line in front of the Americana Hotel throughout the convention 13-17 Sept.”
And any suggestion by Kerry that he didn’t intend, by his comments in the U.S. Senate and elsewhere, to paint all (or most) American soldiers as war criminals is belied by this choice morsel: “VVAW will consider appropriate induction center action for purpose of making clear transition from citizen to war criminal.”
And then, of course, we have: “Al Hubbard will make speaking tour with Fonda.”
If these documents are genuine, there is plenty of ammunition to last from now until November.


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