A flag that bears witness

For the past several months we have proudly posted exclusive reports from our man in Afghanistan, a Minneapolis reservist called to serve with the forces deployed in that remote theater of the war. Our man in Afghanistan is an Army major who seems to be using his special skills to help detain the bad guys. He has served continuously in theater without a break for more than a year and we look forward to celebrating his return home next month. Until then, our thoughts and prayers remain with him and his family.
Over the nearly two years that we have written for this site, we have received a great many gratifying responses to our work here. For reasons that are not entirely clear to us, our man in Afghanistan has honored us for our verbal support of the war effort, providing us with an altogether new high in the form of the certificate attesting to the flying of the flag in our honor over Bagram Air Base for the evocative period of 9 hours and 11 minutes — suggesting that our man and his colleagues haven’t forgotten why they’re there. We hope our fellow citizens will follow their example.
The certificate reads: “So that all shall know, This flag was flown in the face of the enemy, and bears witness to the capture, interrogation, and detainment of terrorist forces threatening the freedom of the United States of America and the World. It was flown for 9 hours and 11 minutes during Operation Enduring Freedom…at Bagram Air Base, Afghanistan.”