A Report From California

Reader Rob Keeler attended an Arnold Schwarzenegger rally in Fresno over the weekend and posts this report:

Arnold may get another big win tomorrow. He has been barnstorming the state for Props 57 and 58. Both were in trouble until about a week ago. Now both look good for passing. We went to see him Saturday, in Fresno. It was a great rally, he connected well with the crowd, was humorous and bipartisan. Then he went into the crowd shaking hands and passing out t-shirts. The people loved it.
He even has Senator Diane Feinstein on a commercial for the two Props. If these Props. pass he will have fullfilled another campaign pledge.
If Arnold can fix our workman’s comp. problems next, then the California economy could really boom. The democrats haven’t figured out how to attack him. Attorney General Bill Lockyer is under increasing pressure for not acting on the San Francisco situation. The democrats control both the assembly and senate, are gerrymandered in for the next 6 years, but they are pretty quiet now too.

When I was in San Francisco last week, there were lot of Arnold billboards on props 57 and 58. Even if they pass, of course, he has a long way to go, and as Rob says, for the foreseeable future he has to do it with a Democratic legislature. At a minimum, though, California’s vote will give us something to follow today other than Kerry’s probable sweep, or near sweep, of the Democratic primaries.


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