Their man in Baghdad

Our friends at No Left Turns have dispatched their man Robet Alt to Iraq. Alt is a constitutional scholar with the Ashbook Center of Ashland University that is the home of No Left Turns. Ashbrook’s Peter Schramm advises us that Alt arrived in Amman yesterday, and will leave for Baghdad in the next day or two (once his bags come back from Tokyo!). He will be there for about four months. Alt’s first post is “Operation American Freedom.” We will closely follow these reports.
UPDATE: We’ll try to get Alt over to Sinjar to meet up with the man in the Star and Stripes spotlight: “Army reservist does it for the children.” (Courtesy of reader Gregory Schreiber, who asks: “Just like French troops in Ivory Coast! Right?”) In the meantime, Alt has filed his second report from Amman: “Milton Friedman meets Adnan.”


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