Less than meets the eye?

Dick Morris does a good job of making the case that the Democrats’ nomination of John Kerry will look like a familiar miscalculation by election day: “Democrats’ misake.” Morris writes:

The lieutenant governor of Mike Dukakis will not wear well before the American people. His votes on taxes, terrorism and the death penalty will demonstrate that he is another in a long line of Massachusetts liberals who appear at first blush to be winners but who soon fade into also-rans. Kerry has missed more than a third of the votes in the Senate during the current 108th Congress. This year, he has missed almost all of them. Voters will not be tolerant of a man who picks up his paycheck and doesn’t do the job.

Morris’s conclusion is that “Democrats will be stuck with the flawed Kerry candidacy for months as he slowly twists in the wind” despite that fact that President Bush is handicapped by an “inability to appeal to voters on issues other than the War on Terror.”
On FrontPage Morris also explains “Why the gay marriage issue helps Bush.” Morris thinks that the anti-democratic origin of the issue in the courts makes the case for a constitutional amendment plausible, and that Kerry’s incoherence on the issue is a political liability:

Sen. John Kerry will lose a lot of votes over the issue. But he will likely lose even more from his handling of it. As he tries to thread his way between his gay supporters and donors and the majority of the voters on this issue, he will come across as looking very weak and very political. His layered position


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