John Kerry’s flying circus

Don’t miss Hugh Hewitt’s Weekly Standard column about the real “two Americas.” As Hugh explains, “The dividing line between Americans runs between those who are serious about the world and the nation and those who are silly on these subjects. Silly people listen to Michael Moore. Silly people issue marriage licenses to couples ineligible to receive them because they feel that it is important to do so. Silly folks think Dick Cheney is still running Halliburton and that Halliburton is running the war. Silly people make ads for websites that feature George W. Bush morphing into Hitler. Silly people think we’ve got Osama bin Laden stashed away in a cave waiting for a September debut. Silly people look to Maureen Dowd for insight into the world.”
John Kerry is the silly candidate. Consider, for example, Kerry’s claim that President Bush heads the “most inept, reckless, and ideological foreign policy in the history of this country.” As Hugh notes, “No matter how one evaluates recent events in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya–and they look pretty good to me–they cannot seriously be compared negatively with losing a war in Vietnam, watching Iran slide into virulent Islamism, or allowing Osama bin Laden to nest and metastasize in Kabul and its precincts. Still, millions of Americans will believe Kerry’s outlandish excess not because of evidence that he has presented, but because they want to.”
Didn’t Monty Python have a routine involving election night coverage of the contest between the Silly Party and the Serious Party? As I recall, in the routine you could tell which candidates belonged to which party by their names and the way they looked. Here in the U.S., it’s more difficult. You have to listen to the candidates speak for about ten seconds.


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