Shut-up, they explained

The Wall Street Journal on the demand of the Democrats and their media echo chamber that President Bush shut-up about the defining event of his presidency, 9/11. The Journal notes that “the Bush campaign is being presented with something of a Catch-22: Any attempt to talk about the President’s own record will be branded ‘exploitative,’ while any talk about Mr. Kerry’s will be called an attack on his ‘patriotism.’ Our advice to Mr. Bush is to choose his message and ignore the whining.” My advice is that Bush hammer away on both fronts.
The Journal also has some advice for Democrats: “they’d be wise to get over the idea that Mr. Kerry’s Vietnam biography will cover them on the defense issue. For most Americans, 9/11 was the defining event of a generation, and they’ll want to hear a serious debate about which candidate has the best policies to keep them safer in the years ahead. The more Democrats complain about Mr. Bush running on national security, the more voters may suspect that Democrats don’t have any serious anti-terror ideas of their own.”


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