Northern Alliance Radio Launched

The first all-blogger radio show took to the airwaves yesterday, with the debut of the Northern Alliance Radio Network on 1280 AM the Patriot in Minnesota.
How good the show was, I leave to others, but the participants had a blast. Mitch Berg, a retired radio personality, ran the board and got us into and out of breaks effortlessly. We followed a loose structure that seemed to work pretty well: News in Review for the first hour, with conversation about various news stories we’ve discussed on our sites over the past week; a more in-depth focus on the Nobel Peace Prize Forum at St. Olaf College, where the Trunk did his “teach-in” on Winston Churchill, featuring interviews with Britt Haugland of the college’s Students for Intellectual Diversity Group and Kathy Kersten, who runs the E Pluribus project for the Center of the American Experiment, in the second hour; and a “back of the book” focus in the third hour, with Trunk reprising his review of the “Blood On the Tracks” concert by forgotten Minnesota musicians last week, the Fraters’ guys selection of the “Hack Liberal Column of the Week” in the local media, and so on.
Captain Ed Morissey live-blogged the event on his site, Captain’s Quarters.
Here are a few shots I took while the show was in progress:
Mitch at the board, with King Banian of SCSU Scholars and the Trunk visible behind:
King Banian and I during a break:
Captain Ed during a segment:
The Trunk just after finishing hour number two:
Mrs. Rocket and I hosted an after-show party for all of the bloggers; the Yale Diva made a guest appearance along with Mrs. Trunk and daughter Deborah. The photo below shows King Banian and (just barely) Ed Morissey, along with Fraters Libertas’ Atomizer, JB Doubtless and St. Paul, in my kitchen.
The verdict: few things are more fun than live radio. We’ll be back next week, 12-3, on AM 1280.


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