As Greece goes…

In Greece’s national election the conservative New Democratic Party led by Costas Karamanlis has decively defeated the socialist PASOK party led by George Papandreou. Karamanlis will become prime minister as Papandreou steps down from his post as foreign minister.
The socialist party has been in power for eleven years and ran in a difficult economic environment, but it is not possible to ascertain from the news reports what issues determined the outcome. The ABC news report quotes Papandreou as stating, “For us, the Cyprus problem is of the utmost importance. It’s going through a difficult phase. We will also continue to support the major issue of the Olympic Games.”
The report adds that Karamanlis is a nephew of the former conservative prime minister who led the country out of military dictatorship in 1974 and that he will be Greece’s first leader born after World War II and the bitter Greek post-World War II civil war.


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