Blix: Terror War a “Witch hunt”

Hans Blix said yesterday, on a British television show, that the war on terror is a witch hunt:

Hans Blix was responding to Prime Minister Tony Blair’s passionate speech last week in defense of the Iraqi conflict, the London Telegraph reported.
Blair had warned the world faced “mortal danger” from terrorists prepared to wage “war without limits.” The Prime Minister urged the U.N. to consider changing international law to allow intervention in states which posed a threat.
Blix urged caution over the doctrine of preemptive strikes. Appearing on BBC1’s “Breakfast with Frost,” Blix said the intelligence used to justify the war in Iraq had been wrong, but the United States and United Kingdom had acted like “witch-hunters,” preferring to believe their fears rather than the evidence presented to them.”
“I think we still over-estimate the danger of terror,” he said.

This, really, is what it all comes down to. Most Democrats, like Blix, believe the terror threat is “over-estimated.” In fact, most secretly view it as a cynical political ploy by the administration to distract attention from the fact that some Americans are still paying for their own health care.
As for “witch hunt,” the term needs a new definition–something along the lines of “a noble and necessary effort that is vital to the nation’s security.”


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