Leftists Blame Aznar

We linked to articles about the 11,000,000 Spaniards who demonstrated against terror yesterday. There are, of course, a handful of half-wits who can’t see mass murder as anything but an opportunity to attack Prime Minister Aznar. The photo below shows some of the approximately 3,000 leftists who marched outside the offices of Prime Minister Aznar’s Popular Party with “peace” signs. The theme of their demonstration was that the Spanish government is “hiding the truth about the bombings.”
I haven’t seen any report on what the leftists believe the “truth” to be. Given that the bombings occurred day before yesterday, Aznar’s government has had almost no time to investigate, let alone determine what the “truth” is and undertake to hide it.
And what is supposed to be the point of waving “peace” signs in front of the Popular Party’s headquarters? Aznar and his party didn’t disrupt the peace, terrorists did. But the leftists have no interest in terrorism except insofar as it gives them an opportunity to attack the Spanish government.


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