A River In Egypt

The BBC has translated reactions to the Madrid bombings by a number of Arab newspapers. As usual, the Arab world appears to be in denial:

Arabs and Muslims cannot commit such an act. We therefore condemn the act and hope that the Spanish government will be able to find out the truth.
London Al-Arab al-Alamiyah

What draws our attention is the fact that those who are supporting the Eta separatist movement rushed to conclude that the ‘Arab opposition’ was responsible for the terrorist act in Spain. This is a clear attempt to brand Arabs with terrorism.
Jordan’s Al-Ra’y

It is illogical to accuse al-Qaeda before getting accurate information… The Spanish government was aware of this and moved fast to blame Eta before anyone else. Perhaps al-Qaeda was only used to deceive Spanish and world public opinion.
Saudi Arabia Al-Riyadh

A mass demonstration was staged in the streets of Madrid in protest against these attacks. However, it reflected the resentment against the Spanish government’s policy in supporting the war on Iraq… It is hoped that the Madrid bombings will open the eyes of the coalition, led by the US… so that it can look into its mistakes and find a way to rectify them.
London Al-Quds Al-Arabi

Terrorist acts everywhere, the latest being two days ago in Spain, prove that containment, not confrontation, will stop bloodshed in this world… the crazy policies being applied in many places worldwide bring more losses, destruction and disaster.
Saudi Arabia Ukaz

Whether the bombings were carried out by Eta or al-Qaeda, the reality is that terrorism today is a deadly threat to all human beings… What is needed is prompt action by the UN to set up an international conference to combat terrorism, as well as drafting clauses for an international and comprehensive agreement to combat it.
Egypt’s Al-Ahram


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