Inside the mind of a serial killer?

Reader Daniel Aronstein has been trying to work himself inside the mind of al Qaeda by treating it as a psychopathic serial killer. Aronstein originally alerted Hugh Hewitt to the 911 days between the 9/11 attack on America and the 3/11 Madrid massacre. He continues to analyze the numerological pattern behind al Qaeda attacks. Here’s Aronstein’s computation of the 911 days and his related numerological analysis:

If one start the count on 9/12/01 (day one) then 3/10/04 was day 911, meaning there were 911 days BETWEEN the attacks.
365 days (2002)
+ 365 (2003)
+ 19 (remainder of sept 01)
+ 31 (oct 01)
+ 30 (nov 01)
+ 31 (dec 01)
+ 31 (jan 04)
+ 29 (feb 04)
+ 10 (days in march 04 w/no attck)
The perps said 2 1/2 years = which is 912.5 days. But why would they plan it 2 1/2 years, and not 2 years, or 3, or 2 3/4 years? I believe because of the INTERVENING number of days. It’s more symmetric. Which I imagine might appeal to their sick little psychopathic/theocratic/”illusions of grandeur” minds. I think they use numbers to get “good dates” for attacks, and then probably select the place for an attack based on what’s going on where; they selected Spain as the place because of the date’s proximity to the Spanish national election: This was good – in their twisted minds – because it could serve as a test to determine how a mega-attack might effect the outcome of the US election. In my opinion, they want to defeat Bush (and Aznar, too). They’ve probably been debating whether it’s better to lay-low, or make a big attack and drive down the markets. If Aznar’s party wins big, then the likelihood of a mega-attack here before the election goes down, in my opinion.
BTW: The perps have often referred to “the Andalusian Tragedy” in previous communiqu


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