Viva la muerte!

Golan at HispaLibertas has posted his initial reaction to the apparent defeat of the Popular Party by the Socialists in the face of the Madrid massacre. Golan writes an exhortation to the victorious Socialists, urging them to make the victory theirs rather than the victory of “those who caused us so much grief three days ago…The battle is here and now.”
The estimable Roger L. Simon has heard directly from the site’s Franco Aleman. Aleman expresses the anger of one who feels that his country has surrendered without a fight. Simon quotes Aleman’s message to him and adds his own comment in “The tears of Quixote”:

“I am ashamed of being a Spaniard. We have just surrendered on behalf of the whole West. This is a real tragedy for all; now they know what works.


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