The Spanish connection

The liberal whose correspondence is quoted in Rocket Man’s post below makes one valid point — Spanish Prime Minister Aznar did go against the wishes of the overwhelming majority of his constituents when he joined the coalition to liberate Iraq. But this point only serves to undermine the liberal’s conclusion that the result in Spain is a “foreshadowing” of the election result in this country. President Bush had strong popular support for our action in Iraq and it appears that a majority still agrees with his decision to undertake that action. Bush may lose in November, but nothing that happened in Spain provides support for the view that he will.
Indeed, the fact that Bush went to war with the support of the American people and the Congress is one reason why I believe that a successful terrorist attack on the U.S. would not injure Bush’s political standing. Another, more fundamental reason is that, in contrast to Spain, no one can claim after 9/11 that Bush’s aggressive foreign policy caused terrorism against the U.S. A third is that Senator Kerry continues to claim that the threat posed by terrorism is exaggerated.


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