Looks Right To Me

Blogrunner has rated the “most influential reporters and bloggers on the web,” based on “counting unique references to articles and posts authored in the last 60 days.” I used to be deeply skeptical of such enterprises, since the software I’ve seen used is obviously flawed. But no more!
Blogrunner has some obvious suspects near the top: Glenn Reynolds, Kevin Drum (CalPundit), Josh Marshall, Andrew Sullivan. But if you keep scrolling down…past the appalling Paul Krugman, past the ridiculous Dana Milbank, past the terrific Tim Blair, past Steven den Beste and William Safire, past the pathetic Maureen Dowd and the stolid David Broder, past Peggy Noonan and Mark Steyn–#104–you will come to #115: “Hindrocket, Power Line!”
Lest my partners become jealous, if you follow the link you will see that the rating is for the site as a whole. Considering the glass as half-full, I would note that we rank above such luminaries as OxBlog, Anna Quindlen, Matt Welch, Deborah Orin, Victor Davis Hanson–clear injustice there, the Corner at National Review (heh heh), the excellent Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs, the pitiful E.J. Dionne–whom the Post publishes only so that Deacon can pummel him, Christopher Hitchens, Byron York, George Will (no kidding!), and Charles Krauthammer, among many others.
Not bad, guys. Thanks to all who link to us.
ANOTHER THOUGHT: It occurs to me that we shouldn’t feel bad about the high rankings of Paul Krugman and Dana Milbank, as people link to them almost exclusively for the purpose of fisking them!
UPDATE: We’ve shot up all the way to #113! With a bullet. Actually, upon reviewing the Blogroller data more closely, I can see that the rating refers only to my posts. So the Trunk and Deacon must be bubbling just under the top 200. This means that the site as a whole would rank much higher than #113.


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