The necessity of foresight

The New York Post runs a timely story on the necessity of foresight — of the need to think matters through to their logical conclusion before undertaking a serious project. The Post headlines the story “The Passion of the Idiot” in classic tabloid style and quickly gets to the point: “A delusional man who apparently believed he was Jesus Christ built a wooden cross and tried to nail his hands to it in a horrific bid to re-create the crucifixion, police say. But after hammering a spike through one palm, the man realized there was no way to hammer his other hand to the cross – so he dragged himself to the phone to dial 911 with his free hand.”
Our western European friends who have embarked on the appeasement of enemies whose professed goal is their destruction and domination may want to take a hint from the star of the Post story. The Washington Times story on the meeting of President Bush with the prime minister of the Netherlands yesterday — “U.S. rallies against terror” — concludes on a note suggesting that the French have some thinking to do:

France, which vehemently opposed the war in Iraq, nonetheless yesterday received a fresh threat from Islamic extremists angry about the country’s new law banning the wearing of Muslim head scarves in schools.
Several French newspapers received a letter from an Islamist group that government officials have said is being considered a serious threat.
“They’re basically saying, ‘You thought you were safe because of your stand on Iraq, but France is no longer safe at all since February 10,'” said Jacques Esperandieu, deputy editor of the daily newspaper Le Parisien, which received a copy of the letter.
The head-scarf ban was passed on Feb. 10.

On the other hand, so to speak, perhaps the French can seek the assistance of Spain’s new socialist government in driving the nail into their free hand. Isn’t that what friends are for?


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