Fukuyama in Tel Aviv

Peter Berkowitz is the formidable professor at George Mason Law School; Francis Fukuyama is the famous political theorist who has postulated the (modified) Hegelian “end of history” culminating in liberal democracy. Berkowitz arranged for Fukuyama to present his thesis to an audience in Tel Aviv with former Prime Ministers Shimon Peres and Benjamin Netanyahu to serve as commenters. Berkowitz tells the story in his Standard Online article “Fukuyama in Tel Aviv” and concludes:

With the hour growing late, Fukuyama was invited to respond to the prime ministers. Again, he rose to the occasion. No professorial qualifications or quibbles or corrections from him. Instead, looking first at the former prime ministers and then turning to face the crowd he brought the evening to a close by remarking with awe that it says a great deal about Israel that two former prime ministers and current members of Knesset would take time from their busy schedules to discuss ideas with a professor and that 1,200 people would fill an auditorium to watch and listen.
So it does.

Don’t miss this one.


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