Associated Press Campaigns for Kerry

This Associated Press article exemplifies what President Bush is up against as he seeks re-election. The article is headlined: “Some Iraqis Say They’re More Insecure;” it begins:

While the administration of President Bush touted its accomplishments in Iraq, some Iraqis said Saturday they’re more insecure as attacks persist a year after the United States launched military strikes to oust Saddam Hussein.

The AP then goes on two quote two–count ’em, two–Iraqis who say they are more insecure now than they were a year ago. No reference to the ABC News poll released last week in which the vast majority of Iraqis said they are now better off, and more secure, than under Saddam. Instead, the AP tracks down one resident of Baghdad who says:

The security situation is worse than one year ago. I cannot take my family outside at nights. When I walk in the street, I do not know when a bomb is going to explode and kill me. We were better secured during Saddam’s time. The Americans have failed to provide security and prosperity to the Iraqi people.

The Associated Press is one of the most insidious sources of media bias. Its dispatches are picked up by hundreds of newspapers, and most people view the wire services as neutral sources of information. That could hardly be further from the truth.


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