Iraq-al Qaeda Cooperation Documented

Bill Gertz and Rowan Scarborough of the Washington Times report on the discovery of an Iraqi intelligence document on Iraq’s links to al Qaeda. Their item is worth repeating in its entirety:

We have obtained a document discovered in Iraq from the files of the Iraqi Intelligence Service (IIS). The report provides new evidence of links between Saddam Hussein and al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden.
The 1993 document, in Arabic, bears the logo of the Iraqi intelligence agency and is labeled “top secret” on each of its 20 pages. The report is a list of IIS agents who are described as “collaborators.” On page 14, the report states that among the collaborators is “the Saudi Osama bin Laden.”
The document states that bin Laden is a “Saudi businessman and is in charge of the Saudi opposition in Afghanistan. And he is in good relationship with our section in Syria,” the document states, under the signature “Jabar.”
The document was obtained by the Iraqi National Congress and first disclosed on the CBS program “60 Minutes” by INC leader Ahmed Chalabi. A U.S. official said the document appears authentic.


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