Their bin Laden

I hear the brilliantly clear voice of Saul Singer in the Jerusalem Post’s editorial “Our bin Laden” (also linked and quoted by Deacon below) on the successful IDF attack on Sheikh Yassin:

Almost no one in the US would suggest that killing Osama bin Laden could be counterproductive in the war against terrorism. Yet our airwaves are filled with the equivalent idea. Whether it is the terrorists themselves, the mid-level masterminds, or leaders like Yassin, we are told that they will be easily replaced and that fighting back will only produce a hundred more.
We must not heed this counsel of defeat and doom. We must continue to prove that terror itself is futile, not the war against it. When new terrorist leaders arise, they too must be attacked. There should be no safety, let alone a career as a media interviewee, in the vocation of terror…
No, killing Ahmed Yassin will not end the war. No single battle ever does. Pay no attention to those who say that because a battle did not win the war, it was not worth fighting. It was not a counterproductive act, even though Hamas will attempt to “retaliate.” What is counterproductive is to allow leaders who organize and fuel terror and call for Israel’s destruction to enjoy personal immunity.

Please do read the whole thing.


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