A man of letters

My favorite magazine is the Claremont Review of Books. It fills the niche occupied on the left by the New York Review of Books, and wages intellectual war against the progressive bureaucratic state on behalf of the founding principles of the United States in the spirit of “rollback” as opposed to the spirit of “containment.”
Today’s good news is that the spring issue of the review has just hit the mail and several of the outstanding reviews in the issue have been made available online. In search of uplift we turn this evening to the review of Ronald Reagan: A Life in Letters by the incomparable Steven Hayward: “Correspondent-in-chief.”
Steve has just completed a book for publication later this spring that will administer justice to the man without a country, Jimmy Carter. His work on the Carter book temporarily interrupted his completion of the second and final volume of his monumental The Age of Reagan. For a sample of the subtlety and insight Steve brings to his work on Reagan, check out his CRB piece. For a subscription to the Review including the current issue, click here.


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