Coulter Rips Clarke

…in her inimitable way. We were among the first to be on top of the Clarke story, but at this point I can’t take it any more. The consequences of Clarke’s perfidy are bad for the administration–Bush is now down four points to Kerry in the Rasmussen tracking poll–but it is too early to tell whether the damage is permanent. So let’s turn it over to fresh reinforcements in the form of Ms. Coulter:

When an FBI agent with close, regular contact with President Clinton wrote his book, he was virtually blacklisted from the mainstream media. Upon the release of Gary Aldrich’s book “Unlimited Access” in 1996, White House adviser George Stephanopoulos immediately called TV producers demanding that they give Aldrich no airtime. In terms of TV exposure, Aldrich’s book might well have been titled “No Access Whatsoever.”
But a “tell-all” book that attacks the Bush administration gets the author interviewed on CBS’ “60 Minutes” (two segments), CNN’s “American Morning” and ABC’s “Good Morning America” –