Chutzpah of the Year Award

Charles Krauthammer has selected Richard Clarke to receive the prestigious Chutzpah of the Year Award in his column today: “Partisan Clarke.” In his conclusion, Krauthammer both echoes points made here on Sunday evening by Rocket Man and adds a zinger of his own:

Clarke is clearly an angry man, angry that Condoleezza Rice demoted him, angry that he was denied a coveted bureaucratic job by the Bush administration. Angry and unreliable. He told the commission to disregard what he said in his 2002 briefing because he was, in effect, spinning. “I’ve done it for several presidents,” he said. He’s still at it, doing it now for himself.

A reader has also alerted us to this WorldNetDaily column that pokes another hole in Clarke’s credibility: “Records show Clarke gave only to Dems.”