Some “Spiritual Leader”

At a memorial for Sheik Ahmed Yassin, generally described as the “spiritual leader” of Hamas, young men pose wearing fake explosive belts. The handgun that one of them carries is real:
I think it sums up Yassin’s “spiritual leadership” quite well to note that teenage boys could, perfectly appropriately, wear masks and fake explosive belts to a memorial service in his honor. Unfortunately, this pretty much exemplifies the quality of leadership, spiritual and otherwise, the Palestinians have had for decades.
Meanwhile, at least two revenge attacks by Palestinian terrorists have been thwarted. In one instance, a bomber blew himself up prematurely. The second sounds as though it could be viewed as black comedy:

In the Gaza Strip, Palestinians in wet suits and flippers and armed with rifles and rocket-propelled grenades emerged from the Mediterranean and fired toward a beachfront Israeli settlement, the army said Friday.
Soldiers guarding the settlement fired back, killing two attackers and wounding a third man who fled back into the sea.
In a farewell video, two attackers posed in their wet suits, with oxygen tanks strapped to their backs and goggles pulled up. The video showed a training session in which two men charged toward a rocky cliff, firing assault rifles.
The settlement attack was the first of “earthshaking operations to come,” a Hamas leaflet said.

The only “earthshaking” news I can imagine coming out of the Gaza Strip would be an outbreak of sanity.


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