A sad and sorry disgrace

Professor David Gelernter sets an example of deep learning and humanity in rendering judgment on the Democrats’ weird juggernaut of misdirected hate regarding the war to liberate Iraq. His article in the issue of the Weekly Standard out this morning is “The Holocaust shrug.”
Gelernter writes:

I could understand the Democrats’ insisting that this was no Republican operation; “we were in favor of it too, we voted for it too, and then voted more money to fund it; we want some credit!” Those would be reasonable political claims. But if you talk as if this war were one big, stupid blunder that we are stuck with and have to make the best of–you are nowhere near shouting distance of reality; people would suspect your sanity if you were not a politician already. Instead of insisting that the war belongs to them, too, Democrats are running top speed in the other direction. Howard Dean led the way on this flight from duty, honor, and truth, but it didn’t take long for most of the nation’s prominent Democrats (with a few honorable exceptions) to jump aboard the Dean express–which is now, absent Dean, a runaway train…
We knew we could beat Saddam (although many people forecast a long, bloody battle); more important, we had plenty of good practical reasons to fight. Nonetheless…the Iraq war might be the largest step mankind has ever taken in this direction [of selfless national goodness]. It is a small step even so–but cause for rejoicing. Our combat troops did it. It is our privilege and our duty to make the most of it. To belittle it is a sad and sorry disgrace.

Coincidental with Professor Gelernter’s article Robert Alt reports from Iraq on No Left Turns. Alt notes that in the massive troop rotation now taking place, several Marine units are coming in to relieve Army units. The Marines’ press release quoted by Alt reflects both the Marines’ spirit and the spirit of Professor Gelernter’s article:

Marine Expeditionary Force Marines are currently conducting offensive operations in Al Fallujah in order to foster a secure and stable environment for the people of Al Anbar. Those who seek to impede the freedom, prosperity and progress of the Al Anbar residents are being physically challenged. Among those, some have chosen to fight. Having elected their fate, they are being engaged and destroyed. Since these operations are ongoing, it is not appropriate to comment at this time. Once operations have been completed, and reports have been verified, additional information will be released.


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