Clarke Fallout Hurts Bush

On the Northern Alliance Radio Network today, we spent most of the first hour bashing Dick Clarke. Given his contradictions and, in some instances, obvious falsehoods, it’s almost too easy. But I don’t agree with the optimistic theory that the Democrats made a mistake by launching such a patently misguided attack. The reality is that the vast majority of people don’t read blogs, don’t listen to talk radio, and get their news mostly in one-minute snippets of television. Studies have indicated that a large majority of people who read newspaper headlines never read the article. So the Democrats have gotten what they wanted out of Clarke–headlines attacking Bush.
This afternoon Fox News reported that in its poll, 52% of respondents found Clarke’s allegations credible, compared to 36% who didn’t. That 36% basically represents the hard core of Bush’s support; it appears that nearly all “swing” (i.e., uninformed) voters, basing their judgments on superficial headlines, are not aware of the problems with Clarke’s credibility.
On the other hand, a substantial majority–over 60%–still prefer Bush over Kerry to handle the war on terror, and in today’s Rasmussen tracking poll Kerry’s lead over Bush is down to one point, which Rasmussen interprets to mean that “[t]he impact of the most recent media frenzy now appears to be fading.”
Speaking of the radio show, we had two terrific guests today. We interviewed Kenneth Timmerman, author of The French Betrayal of America, who was spellbinding. He detailed, among other things, the $100 billion bribe that Saddam Hussein offered the French to prevent the war by stalling matters in the United Nations. Timmerman’s book is a must-read:
We also interviewed New York Sun reporter Tom Lipscomb, who owns the John Kerry/Vietnam Veterans Against the War assassination story. There are now six witnesses (almost all of them friends and supporters of Kerry, including the head of his campaign in Missouri) who have said that Kerry attended the VVAW meeting in Kansas City where the plot to assassinate pro-war members of the United States Senate was debated. Kerry initially denied having been at the meeting. Now he has backtracked and says he can’t remember whether he was there or not. It’s easy to see how he could forget a routine thing like plotting to assassinate Senators. Lipscomb has detailed how the Kerry campaign has tried to lean on witnesses who attended the meeting to lie about Kerry’s involvement.
This story should be a bombshell, but the mainstream media are boycotting it. The only possible rationale for failing to report such an obviously significant story is that it is “ancient history.” But wait! Remember how, on the eve of the 2000 election, every newspaper in the country breathlessly reported that George Bush had received a DWI fifteen years before? If that wasn’t “ancient history,” then why is Kerry’s infinitely more serious flirtation with mass assassination too far in the past to be remembered? Especially since Kerry can’t let five minutes go by without talking about the Vietnam era.
So today’s show was good. Our station, 1280 AM the Patriot, should have an internet stream up and running within the next month, at which time we will be on the air, so to speak, nationwide.


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