Intelligent Criticism From the Left

As we’ve said before, we rarely get hate mail. But last night we received this moronic email from a liberal, which I will quote in its entirety: “Your blog sux. And Bush knew, and is responsible for thousands of deaths. So are you.”
This really typifies the intellectual level to which contemporary liberalism has sunk. Bush knew what, for God’s sake? What on earth are these morons talking about? Is this idiot suggesting that Bush is secretly a member of al Qaeda? Beats me.
And what “thousands of deaths” are those? September 11? Iraq? Something else? Could we have a little specificity here? And how about a little credit for the tens or hundreds of thousands of lives the administration has saved? No attacks in the U.S. since Sept. 11 due to the administration’s vigorous prosecution of the war, and untold thousands of Iraqis saved from butchery at the hands of Baathist thugs.
And how about this: “So are you.” Huh? “You,” as in Power Line? I realize that some people believe the blogosphere is influential, but I think our reader is giving us a little too much credit.
That email pretty well sums it up: The Party of Hate. And stupidity.
DEACON adds: A good subtitle for this one would be “Rocket Man fisks twelve year-old.”


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