Arafat’s terrorist nerve center

According to The Washington Times Israeli intelligence is saying that it has “detailed evidence proving that Yasser Arafat’s West Bank compound is a refuge for some of the most-wanted Palestinian terror suspects and a nerve center for ‘martyr’ attacks.” Indeed, a document obtained by the London Sunday Telegraph lists 17 wanted members of the Al Aqsa Brigade and Tanzim militia, both part of Arafati’s Fatah movement, who are said to be sheltered in Arafat’s compound, known as the Mukata.
The Times reports that this evidence is being used by some Israeli officials to argue that Arafat should be killed in an air strike, just as Hamas founder Ahmed Yassin was. In my view, the moral case for killing Arafat is as strong as the case for killing Yassin. But I assume the idea is a non-starter.


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