Bad News for Daschle

Over the weekend we noted problems developing for Tom Daschle among Native Americans in South Dakota. Russell Means came out for John Thune, and Tim Giago, publisher of the Lakota Journal, said he would oppose Daschle in the Democratic primary.
Now, Giago has announced that instead of challenging Daschle in the primary, he will run as an independent in the general election. Daschle v. Thune is all over the story.
This really is big news; I think there is a very real chance that Giago’s third-party candidacy could make Thune the winner, much as a Libertarian candidate contributed to Thune’s defeat two years ago at the hands of Tim Johnson. It would be wonderful to see Daschle bite the dust. Daschle knows he is in for a tough race; he has been doing his once-every-six-years imitation of a conservative.


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